Benefits of GHS Compliance

The new Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) compliance deadline is fast approaching and your business needs to be prepared. According to the United Nations once it is implemented across the board it will "standardize classification and labeling of chemicals and related hazard communication into one format. Once you understand the benefits, GHS will give your business compliance, and it will be easier to implement.
Everyone is On the Same Page
With GHS compliance all of your employees are on the same page. Everyone in your company is trained to read and understand GHS compliant labeling. All employees will understand the safety requirements for hazardous materials making your workplace safer. Not only will this be a benefit for your company, but it will benefit the industry as a whole. Even with global manufacturing processes and shipments, GHS will increase the knowledge and safety of handling hazardous materials. Chemical Safety
Streamline Electronic Data Management
many businesses are taking advantage of the convenience and ease of electronic data management. With GHS compliance electronic data management becomes an efficient way to handle inventory, track materials during the manufacturing and shipping process, and track batch control. Electronic MSDS management goes hand in hand with GHS compliance. All of your MSDS data can be stored electronically and managed easily with the integration of an ERP solution. Safety Data Sheet
ERP and GHS Compliance
If your batch processing facility already has an ERP solution, GHS compliance should come easily. Most of the steps you need to take to implement the new GHS guidelines can be handled by your ERP. Since ERP tracks nutritional and chemical properties of the ingredients used in your batch processing, this information can be made GHS compliant fairly easily. You get a greater degree of tracking and improved quality control measures when your manufacturing facility is GHS compliant.
If your business does not have an ERP solution integrated into its operations, you may want to consider implementing one before you try to become GHS compliant. This will save you time, money, and make your processes much more efficient and safer across the board. Don't wait; take advantage of the time you have to recognize the benefits of GHS compliance for your business before it is too late. SDS Software