How to Backup your Phone Messages Data to your Personal Computer

It is important that you should keep the data on your phone messages safe. One way that you can do this is by using the computers. Click here for details. Creating a backup system for your phone messages will help you in recovering useful information that would be lost if such measures were not taken. Here is a step by step guide on how to backup phone message data into your computer.

First you will need accesses the messages stored in your phone. This will give you access to a number of TEXT/SMS messages from your acquaintances. Click on menu to show the menu list and choose Import/Export data. This will allow you to filter out the messages that you would like to backup. You can always ignore this step if there is no need for filtration which mainly occurs if you want all the text messages safely stored into your computer device. You can transfer all text messages, messages from selected contacts or even selected parts of the text messages. Always ensure that your USB cable is functioning before starting the transfer process. Your PC or Mac should also be in working mode for the transfer to be swift and smooth. The second step will require you to put down your backup TEXTS/SMSs to an SD card on your computers. Remember that the messages are saved in a vCard file that can easily be opened, dragged and dropped onto other operating systems. Click here for details. The third and final step involves dragging and dropping the vCard to your computer system. This last step can be tricky especially for people who have little or no knowledge in computer matters. It is therefore advisable that such people should get the help of someone who knows how to drag and drop files without interfering with other functions of the Personal Computer (PC).

Remember that backing up messages will help you save useful data that will now be stored in the safe havens of your computer device..